I had the privilege to work online with Mireille Goedkoop and benefit from her distant healing & energy sessions.  She brought me to a deeper understanding of my inner pain, that I needed to release. The confused child inside me needed reassurance.  I found my voice. Speaking the truth about my feelings.. and not what I felt was expected of me. When I used my voice to express, I felt so much better inside!

Because of the sessions, I have become more grounded and present in the moment.

I was given different types of homework to do, like exercises to keep myself centred and giving myself a Shower of love.. which I found of great benefit practising them, I will continue to do so.  Mireille coached me how to tap into a different vibration, focussing on what I want instead of what I don't want.  This change of focus and the power of possitivity really works.  
Im so greatful to Mireille, she is a wonderful intutive teacher. Close to my heart .Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

I'll keep working on it!! Self love is the key!
Maria Helmsley 


This beautiful wise lady creates miracles through her hands and being. I won't just get anybody working in my energyfield. With Mireille I know it is safe and without a doubt I let myself be treated by her. She is a gift. And very sincere. 

-Jary van der Pas -

I had an InnerGuidance session with Mireille. I wanted to bring my fear for dying into the session. I came with no expectations of what I would get out of it.  The guidance left me with a huge feeling of relief and gratefulness of this life that I am given.

The music, the sounds, Mireille's way of guiding you is very powerful, and I felt many times during the InnerGuidance that I was in a diferent, expanded state of mind. It is very difficult to explain the feeling, but there is no doubt, that Mireille has skills that can make you go deep within yourself.


- Mille - (Denmark)

I participated in one of Mireille's distant healing circles. During the healing I received some important insights about my relationship with my son. The night after I woke up in the middle of the night. Full in tears. A wave of sadness hit me, not knowing why. I embraced it. Allowed the energy fully to come to expression. I heard repeating words which made me realize what was coming into consciousnes. My life theme of 'caring - taking care of/missing to be taken cared of'.  It was like a karmic cleansing. Seeing clearly how this effected my life in different ways in relationship with myself and others. What I needed, what I missed, what I longed for, what I couldn’t give.
Me and my son had been out of contact for a while, because of conflicts. Two days after the healing circle I received a spontaneous call from him. Since a longtime, we had a positive talk. It all felt very special and healing to me. 
- Anonymous -