Expect the unexpected


You are reading this when you have heard the call. To dive deep and go beyond. You have done quite some inner work. Yet, you know that consciousness is ever expanding. Ever becoming. Ever (un)learning. Ever awakening.


You are a conscious entrepreneur, leader, coach or evolved human being looking for:


* connection on a deep level with Self and all that you are in unity with others;

* a down to earth yet highly expanded conscious program for your personal evolution;

* a radical breakthrough in life, work and/or relationships;

* a small international group of inspiring souls who understand deeply what it means to embody conscious personal leadership.


Do you feel a YES to that? Then I like to invite you for the Inner Circle.


For who:  For this conscious tribe I invite the right match of people. Who understand essence, infinity, but yet don't loose themselves into this, neither into their human existence.  We can fly high and be at the same time down on to the earth and use this life that we have chosen effectively to grow on a personal level and to support others and our evolution of humankind. This is a tribe for dreamers who know how to act and manifest. Bringing magic into daily existence, lightening up the world.


Start: September 2021, exact dates to be set. 10 online monthly gatherings of about 2,5 hours each from September 2021 to June 2022. Please be aware we plan the meetings during working hours European time.


Topics: I keep them 'undefined' and leave them up to what the moment, the group, the collective, the individual is asking. We are all part of the web. The most precious transforming moments are found when we let go of any agenda and let the energy speak to us, work through us in the moment.

A week before every meeting I will ask you to tap into what is needed and share this.  Based on that I will lead our gatherings into deep transformational sessions.


Community:  A whatsapp group and private online community will be available for connection in between meetings for tribe members to connect with each other. A precious group of what I feel will bring a deep sense of mutual understanding, inspiration, warmth and support of one another.


Group Size: I really want this tribe to be intimate, yet at the same time to be filled with diversity.  Therefor the Inner Circle has 22 spots to be taken by the ones who really feel the call.


Enrollment: Please send an email to info@debewustzijnyurt.nl with your interest. I will send you the enrollment details, which include a written questionnaire and personal online interview.


Investment:  € 1500.- incl vat for a deep transformational year-program.


Giving Back: The collected funds will be mainly used to allow our online home 'Sparkle of Consciousness' to grow with life changing programs. For those who are in search of personal & spiritual growth and those who are in need.  A part of the funds will go to single woman with children, or children who are on their own and miss the basic needs to live.