*For which clients do you work and for what kind of issues?

I work basically with anyone who is willing to transform and change. It might be personal issues that you are facing, like burn-out, blockages of any kind, fears, family-line issues, trauma or work- or relationship related issues. The reason for seeking help could also be physical, spiritual or mental in the form of beliefs that restrict you in life. I work always on all levels of our being: the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  So the energy has no place to hide and transformation naturally happens.


*How do you work?

In the sessions healing energy is transmitted through my presence and hands, which I place on or around your body. Allowing my hands to communicate with your field, working as an alchemist with the energy (this works the same from a distance).  You are lying down either on a massage table or on a mat at the floor, depending on which healing modality and tools I use. The sessions might include sound, shamanic drumming/techniques, (fire) ceremony, movement, regression or exercises that support the transformation of energy. 


*Do you cover topics such as past lives, soul purpose, family collective, inner child and different parts of self ?

Yes I do cover all these topics and more. But they are not the goal itself though, but ways to invite truth and expansion in. I work with what you are bringing into the sessions and what the current issues are that you are encountering in daily life. From that, a session might lead into a past life or other part of life, birth or any other deep energetic experience. We explore different parts of Self and the subconscious. My offerings will lead you exactly into that what is needed the most for you at this moment. All sessions are guided by the higher realm, so we never know in advance where a session is leading into.


*Sometimes you speak about InnerGuidance. What is that?
InnerGuidance is a full-body, accelerated process for Self-Exploration, Self-Inquiry and Self-Illumination. The session is lead and guided through sound (music and instruments), energy healing and inquiry or a guided inner journey, combined together. InnerGuidance is developed by Amara Samata from Bali and is of high vibrational origin.  I am trained as a Level2 Advanced InnerGuidance Facilitator.